Monday, April 7, 2008

Oracle Database Certification

ocp.jpgDatabase Management System (DBMS) mostly used by big enterprise company is Oracle. The very clear indicator is Database Administrator (DBA) vacancy. Let's try to search vacancy in with "database" or "DBA" keyword, the most frequent vacancy is Oracle DBA.

Based on the fact that there are so many Oracle DBA vacancies, of course there are also big chances for job seeker to seek favorite job as DBA. Following abilities are required to apply DBA vacancy:
- Understanding on Oracle database concept
- Having Experience as Oracle DBA (usually mandatory, but not for entry level)
- Having Training of Oracle database (good point)
- Having Oracle Certification (good point)

Having Oracle Certification is good point, especially to work in vendor (consultant) company. Certification indicates that the holder has deep knowledge of Oracle database. With the same level of knowledge and experience, certification holder has greater chance to get better job and salary.

Oracle releases some certification for DBA:
- Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
- Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
- Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

Today, the released certifications are for version: 9i, 10g, dan 11g. Certifications for 8i (and below) are not valid again.